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Can you remember your Baby Milestones?

Thursday, 3 March 2016  |  Admin

When Jack was little I remember wishing that his first moments would arrive quickly. His first smile, crawl, pull to stand and walk were very much looked forward to. Now looking back, I wish I had just enjoyed the moment more instead of always thinking ahead. Jack at 22 months is doing new things everyday as his language skills develop in leaps and bounds. I expect new things now, whereas when he was little the big milestones arrived less often. The memories of these are something I cherish.

Below are my most memorable five firsts.

His First Genuine Smile:

A babies first genuine smile can arrive as early as 4 weeks and as late as 3 months. I was convinced that Jack was smiling at me from around 4 weeks but soon realised he wasn't smiling, it was wind! When he first genuinely smiled at 6 weeks, I remember the excitement that I felt. I really cherish this particular milestone as I felt that it was the first time that Jack communicated with me. He was aware that I was there and had laughed at something I had done. You can't beat this one!

His first roll:

Jack rolled over from back to front first. He did this around 4 months old. A month later he startled himself after reaching for a toy and finding himself rolling over and landing on his back. This is a milestone that I anticipated arriving. Jack used to lie on a mat where toys would dangle above him. He would always reach out to hit these toys and would often lie on his side in the process. Looking back, I took the moments when he was still and safe for granted. I now have a running, jumping, independent 22 month old. I managed to capture Jack's first roll on film so his daddy (and everyone else) got to see it too.

His first tooth:

This has made the list solely because I can't erase it from my memory. I know teething doesn't bother some babies and they can carry on until a tooth just suddenly appears. Jack however is not one of these babies. We continue to be aware of every tooth arriving. For some reason this is a milestone I looked forward too. Now it is something I dread. Jack is extra clingy, upset and full of cold when he has a teeth erupting. He currently has 15 teeth and has just this week cut a molar. Jacks first tooth was his front bottom tooth. It arrived when Jack was around 7.5 months old. Jacks teeth tend to arrive in pairs, he got the next tooth just two weeks later.

His first word:

Your baby may babble a lot, Jack babbled away all the time but it was his first word I was looking forward too. It was da-da. He point blank refused to say ma-ma. Whilst you baby may say these two words as early as 9 months old, they often don't associate it with a person until they are one. By this time, he was saying ma-ma to me all the time and can often be heard shouting me when he wants something.

His first step:

There is a large variation in when babies walk. Some babies take their first steps as early as 12 months, others as late as 18 months. Jack was an early walker. Once he learnt how to pull himself up, cruising quickly followed. Once he had that mastered, he took his first steps. Whilst I absolutely loved this milestone, it soon became apparent how unsteady new walkers are. I remember looking around my house and wondering how on earth I was going to baby proof it. Now Jack walks very well, however he doesn't look where he is walking and often trips over toys.

I have fantastic memories of Jack's first milestones. Take plenty of pictures, sit back and cherish the moment.