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Brotherly love

Thursday, 6 September 2018  |  Admin



Who knows how the dynamic will change with a new baby?! At the moment the boys are quite evenly matched; despite being two years younger, Oscar can stand his own ground much better than Harry and often comes out on top in arguments (not that I encourage fighting!) However, Harry can also be fairly bossy, which is actually quite nice to see sometimes because otherwise he's calm and passive, while Oscar is much more determined and independent, yet still very clingy to me at the same time.


Although he was only two years and three weeks old when his little brother was born, Harry has always been an excellent big brother to Oscar. He has loved him since the very beginning, even when I spent hours feeding Oscar and couldn't play with him; he entertained himself to a large extent (and watched a lot of CBeebies!), which is something Oscar seems virtually incapable of even now. Oscar looks up to Harry, and wants to do nearly everything Harry does, which isn't always ideal but I can understand why he does so. They fight a lot over nothing of consequence, but are also fiercely loyal, and when you do catch those little moments they are playing together nicely - mostly when I'm not in the room -  it really is magical.


I am hoping that their new baby brother will slot in nicely to all of this somehow. There is no doubt in my mind that they will both adore him, and probably want to hold him and play with him too much! I think Oscar is ready to be a big brother now but I also believe he needed this extra year he has on Harry to reach that stage, as there will be a three and a half year gap between him and his little brother. I am really excited to see them all interacting together - I love it when Harry and Oscar make each other laugh now, and with a bit of luck that will only get better.



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