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Bridget Jones's Hospital bag

Tuesday, 6 September 2016  |  Admin

We are big fans of Bridget Jones here at Mummy & Little Me, this morning we have been discussing this morning what hospital bag she would have, and exactly what she would have in it? Let’s face it should would probably forget the important things like nappies – hopefully Mark Darcy with his OCD would help her pack it.

Firstly as her hospital bag she would have the Pink Lining Black Cabs bag, It’svery London and is in our humble opinion we are sure Bridget jones would have this as her baby bag.

Inside this funky bag she would also have definitely remember these items

  •  Big pants, the bigger the better as far as Bridget is concerned and now she is having a baby she has a great excuse.
  • Her diary, she does not go far without that – do you think she will write things down while she’s in labour? Let’s wait and see
  • Her nightdress, she will probably choose some very unpractical white nightdress that does not open at the front... will she breast feed do you think? 
  • Things for baby, well at this point Mark needs to step in to pop in the usual things like nappies, clothes in both colours ( just in case) and cream and cotton wool. He will also even remember her toothbrush and spare clothes – Bridget will no doubt not even think about the fact that she may have to stay in longer than anticipated.
  • Belly Bandit – if there is one thing we have on our website we are sure she will remember it will be something from the Belly Bandit collection – in true Bridget style she will be thinking about how to look great after and avoiding the huge hurdle she will have to climb before hand – we are sure she will have ‘ thighs disguise’ as well as the Bamboo Belly bandit. 

What would you pack in your hospital bag?