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Bonfire Night and First Firework Displays

Friday, 4 November 2016  |  Mummy and Little Me
Bonfire Night

I absolute love the winter season and nothing marks the changing of the seasons more than Bonfire Night. As a child I used to love looking out of my bedroom window and watching the fireworks light up the night sky. I used to look forward to the times when my mom and dad would take me to a display and treat me to a bit of candy floss. As I entered my teenage years, I became less excited about Bonfire Night. Christmas, New Year, even Valentines Day appealed to me more. That is until this year. 

My little boy Jack is now two and this week has grown to absolutely adore fireworks. He saw his first fireworks display completely by accident in October. We took Jack to Blackpool to see the illuminations and there happened to be a firework display. My son is a ball of energy and does not sit still for more than a minute. For him to sit transfixed watching the fireworks for thirty minutes - well he must have thought they were something special.

This week we have sat on our doorstep all wrapped up watching the fireworks and have been to one planned display this week. Here are just some things to consider:

1) Take plenty of layers - Something that may sound obvious but when you are packing the changing bag, things like gloves and hats are easily forgotten.

2) What else is at the display - Lots of displays have funfairs and those annoying light up toys you can buy. We ended up taking food for Jack as he is such a fussy eater but forgot to take the numerous light up toys we recently collected from Blackpool. That's another one for the collection.

3) Be Prepared for the Noise - The noise of a firework may not bother you but could really affect your little one. Personally Jack has been fine with this, this year but did struggle with it last year. I ended up waiting an extra year to take him to a display as I didn't want him feeling frightened.

4) Is there a bonfire? - Jack may be fine with the fireworks but he is not a fan of a bonfire. As an avid watcher of Fireman Sam, he thought the fire was not planned and was dangerous. I have intentionally picked displays without one of these.