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The Honest Guide To… Hair Loss!

3 CommentsFriday, 17 August 2018  |  Mummy and Little Me

The Honest Guide To… Hair Loss!

I know. This sounds so random. But for those of us who are mummy’s already; the struggle is real. You’re going to lose your hair. No, not all of it, in fact you’re likely to be the only person who even knows.

Lets go back to pregnancy.

Your hair is shiny. Its thick. Its full of body. The ‘science’ behind this is to do with your hormones, but lets just call it your ‘pregnancy glow’. Ah, I remember the glow. I’d love that glow again, instead of the sweaty red face that I’m left with from trying to Tetris the pram into the car multiple times a day. People would comment on the ‘glow’ but the less people who comment on my tomato face the better.

So you’ve given birth. Your tummy won’t ever be the same – neither will your vagina or your breasts. But not only this, now your hair’s falling out. Great!

And I mean, really falling out. As in, your hubby is mad because the shower plug hole is now blocked with a mass of ginger curls. (disclaimer  - I have long ginger hair so that’s why the plug hole is now ginger, yours will  obviously be whatever colour your hair is – just in case that wasn’t clear!). I’m also now struggling to see the actual bristles on my comb. I find strands of curly hair everywhere, in the car, on my pillow, in the kitchen sink, and even.. in my little girls nappy – how does this even happen!?

It affects everyone, whether you’ve got thick or fine hair. It’s just something else we need to deal with. It won’t last, unlike the saggy boobs which inevitably, will.

There are vitamins out there you can buy to help with your hair regrowth, they also suggest eating a balanced diet. What with my post partum hormones, general tiredness and baby’s midnight terrors, I’m happy for my balanced diet to consist of carbs & coffee!

If you can, get yourself booked in at the hairdressers, just take an hour, get a conditioning treatment, or even just a simple cut & blow dry. I’ve recently had about 3inches off my hair, to give it that bit of a refresh, its nearly back to its previous length, despite the recent plug hole fiascos.

So whilst you may lose your pregnancy glow and what seems like a head of hair – you soon get that mummy glow when you look at your little one –  and that one’s a keeper.


Sally Brooke
Thursday, 30 August 2018  |  17:53

Nice to know this happens to others too.
Well written and enjoyable to read.

Emily Walker
Thursday, 30 August 2018  |  18:47

So true, always suffered with hair loss but so much worse after 3 kids

Alex Holroyd
Thursday, 30 August 2018  |  19:59

Wonderfully written. Witty honest and oh so true. Reading this made me feel a little bit more OK about me and the fact that what's going on is normal! Thank you!! Can't wait to read more.