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To my baby girl ...

2 CommentsFriday, 6 April 2018  |  Mummy and Little Me

To my baby girl..
We waited for you for what seemed like a lifetime. When we heard your little cry on January 15 2018, our hearts were complete.
You’ve got so much to learn, but to give you a helping hand, here’s a few things I’ve learnt so far during my 33 years on Earth.
Love, love until your heart bursts. (not literally though, Lily, just metaphorically. Il explain this word when you’re older!) Love yourself. There is only one YOU, Lily.
Laugh, full on belly chuckle whenever you can. They say laughter is the greatest medicine, whoever ‘they’ are, they’re right. Try to see the funny side in life, it’ll help many a cloudy day pass.
Travel, if you can, do. See the world. Meet people. Mummy met daddy in Paris and now we have you & Max. Explore. Go on adventures. (But please send us postcards!)
Dream. Have dreams Lily. Dream about your future, dream about who you want to be, what you want to accomplish. Follow them and know mummy and daddy will always support you.
Work hard. Yes, Work. Hard. Concentrate in school, revise for your exams. They’ll stand you in good stead for your young adult life.
Cry. When that boy breaks your heart, never be afraid to cry. (Your daddy will break his legs on your behalf, don’t worry!) When you’re upset, sob. You’ll feel so much better afterwards, trust me. But please know, tears will stop and that beautiful smile will shine on.
Forgive. This may be hard at times, Lily. People make mistakes. YOU will make mistakes. Mistakes are to be forgiven.
Talk. Be the chatterbox your mummy is! Talk to me, daddy, Maxi, your friends.. just no strangers, my baby girl. (stranger danger!) Never worry what our response will be, we’ll always listen to you. Don’t hide away.
Be kind but stand up for yourself and for what you believe in, even when it’s hard. You will be respected.
Lastly Lily, shine. Shine like the beautiful girl you are. You are a blessing. You are loved.
Yours forever,
Mummy xx

Laura Jane
Friday, 6 April 2018  |  15:11

You had me laughing before and this has taken me the other way! Sobs! So lovely to read.

Sally Brooke
Friday, 6 April 2018  |  16:27

Never a truer word. Such beautiful words x x