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liberation of going Nappy Free

Thursday, 22 March 2018  |  Admin



The liberation of going nappy free!



When I fell pregnant with Harlow, we were deep in the potty-training trenches with Elijah.

We hoped that by the time that Harlow had arrived we would only have one of them in nappies.

However, it didn’t quite work out like that and after a few regressions we pretty much had it cracked except one major thing, Elijah would only poo in a nappy.

I had read ages ago that Giovanna Fletcher posted that Buzz took nearly a year to poo on the toilet after she began potty training him.

I gave up pushing him, I didn’t want to compromise the fact he was staying dry.

But, as if a magic switch went on he just got it in his own time.

It took him a little while longer to get his confidence at nursery but he began coming home again and again, dry.

After he had been doing this for a couple of weeks we then decided on a nappy ban during the day time.

He would get lazy and go back to pooing in them if they were around. I decided that we would stop buying them in his size after running out and working out that he fitted in Harlow’s ones!

He began to ask about wearing pants to bed, so we went for it.

Cold turkey! We were going nappy free day and night!

Yes, we had some wet sheets, where he forgot in the middle of the night to get out and use the pot or mainly in the morning when he had just woken up.

But, after two weeks he began to go through the night and wake up dry!

That was a month ago now, and we have the odd accident here and there but ultimately making the decision to go nappy free completely was the push Elijah needed.

He was heavily rewarded which nearly bankrupted us, but we now have a fully potty-trained graduate!

It is an odd feeling seeing him accomplish something like this, where you must accept they are no longer a baby, but it is so freeing!

It’s official.

We have a pre-schooler!