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Harlow’s 5-month update

Tuesday, 19 December 2017  |  Mummy and Little Me

Harlow’s 5-month update

*Spoilers; there is lack of sleep throughout this post*.

Well, 5 months in and we were doing so well, then boom as if from no where we are suddenly back to numerous night feeds and general night antics multiple times throughout the night.

It hasn’t helped that I am pretty sure he is teething, has been ill and on antibiotics, and just been diagnosed with reflux but it suddenly feels we have gone back a step.

He is being true to his name of Limpet with 80% of the day having to be surgically attached to me, and yes this is nice, but I also miss my arms.

I truly forgot how demanding this stage was, and just how exhausting it is.

How you cannot get anything done, most of the time I haven’t even showered or cleaned by teeth by the time Greg comes in from work, and my Nan is doing my washing for me!

I am finding myself wishing time away a bit to when he gets a bit more independent.

I am not content with not getting anything done, I see to never be able to catch up.

However, we have reached some significant milestones in month 5, other than me trying to put a dirty nappy in the fridge instead of the bin.

Harlow is officially rolling and sitting by himself, and trying so hard to crawl and now is moving around by pushing himself up with his feet on his back.

He has also started settling in sessions at nursery, which I am hoping with help with the separation anxiety and give me a small break to use my arms again.

This month has been hard physically on lack of sleep, mentally but one thing that has made it bearable is to see Harlow and Elijah finally interact with one another playing.

Harlow literally follows him around the room and Elijah has taken on comforting him when he has been ill this week.

I have enjoyed seeing them both develop with one another, but I am looking forward to hopefully getting back on track.

Whatever that means there is always something, Elijah is now ill, so no doubt it will come back to Harlow and the cycle will start again!

But for all those parents feeling like rubbish because their child does not sleep through the night, I salute you.

There is a lot of blame on yourself that you have done something wrong and your child isn’t like everyone else’s. That it is just a ‘phase’.

It’s always a phase believe me, and everyone is different it doesn’t mean you have done anything wrong you just have a tiny little sleep thief.

Hay, just think they won’t be like this until their teens, will they?

Hmmm may have just jinxed this.

I am off to make a barrel of coffee.

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