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Do we really need to pressure ourselves to get our ‘pre-baby’ bodies back?

Thursday, 28 December 2017  |  Mummy and Little Me

Do we really need to pressure ourselves to get our ‘pre-baby’ bodies back?

Harlow is nearly 6 months old, we are nearly approaching the infamous half birthday.

6 months ago, I gave birth to him, and now according to the media, magazines, parenting books I am either supposed to be back in those pre-baby skinny jeans or at least be on my way to be.

Well I am not.

I have not done any exercise other than the normal parent life day to day work out, and last night I ate half a Viennetta.

I have written about embracing the post partem body before, and even questioned if the media should be held accountable for the pressure they put on vulnerable new mums to do so.

Here is the thing I struggle to get my head around. You fall pregnant, your body changes; really changes. Hips widen, organs shift around and that’s before we even begin to discuss what happens down there. You grow a human (or more) for 9 months and then give birth. Suddenly you are left in limbo and looking after a mewling newborn who needs your attention 24 hours a day.

Your body is now different, it isn’t what it was, and we are made to believe that it is a bad thing. That we need to break ourselves in half to be what we used to be ‘pre-baby’, and when we are not we feel like failures.

But who decided that this is a bad thing?

Media? Generations gone by?

Who thought it was okay to comment that someone is still carrying their ‘baby weight’?

I am no longer pregnant, no longer what could be considered as a new mum half a year down the line. But I am also not back to my ‘pre-baby’ self and to be honest I don’t think I want to be.

Am I happy with my body? I am indifferent, being a mum of two I somehow don’t have much time to dwell on it.

My ‘pre-baby’ body is just that, before I had a baby. Now I have two and my body reflects this, and I will not be made to feel ashamed of that.

We should be instead focusing on positivity, embracing our new bodies and being happy in our own skin.

Being a parent is hard enough, never mind with the out of date ideas to pile the pressure on us too.

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