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You know you’re having Christmas with a toddler when…

Tuesday, 19 December 2017  |  Mummy and Little Me

You know you’re having Christmas with a toddler when…

  • They eat their entire advent calendar in one sitting, despite explaining numerous times it is one a day.
  • Every time you look at the Christmas tree a decoration has gone missing or is now in a different place.
  • Every parcel that arrives, must be hidden with military precision, it is like they can sniff them out.
  • Meeting Santa will go one of two ways… a Photobox worthy photo for next years Christmas cards or full-blown terror that may require therapy later.
  • You will have to watch the C Beebies Panto show 100 times before Christmas but, hay at least Andy is in it.
  • Since the end of Halloween, you have threatened them with, ‘If you’re not good Father Christmas will not come!’
  • Asking them to think of presents for others will mean Nan gets a Paw Patrol Sea Patroller and Dad a Fireman Sam Station.
  • You plan to cut back this year, means that you will go even more crazy than last year.
  • You cry like a loony at the glittery paint splodged nursery Christmas crafts that they bring home for you.
  • They only know a couple of lines from certain Christmas songs but repeat them all day. You begin to hear MERRY CHRISTMAS MERRY CHRISTMAS in your sleep.
  • Some time is brought to hide in the kitchen and stuff mince pies in your face with all the films on TV, until once again they sniff you out.
  • You will bash someone over the head for an Aldi Kevin the carrot.

Happy Christmas, and bring on the gin!


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