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Night Time you is not day time you

Wednesday, 20 December 2017  |  Mummy and Little Me


Night-time us.

The thing about having a baby, is that you are up at night.

Sometimes once, twice, sometimes like Lionel Ritchie, all night long.

Things can get heated between you when you are both sleep deprived and only craving one thing, sleep.

However, most babies do not get that memo so will instead gleefully scream the house down at 1am, then at 3 and 4 and be wide awake at 5.30.

You start out on the same team, in it together but it soon turns sour and things said in the dead of the night when your sleep patterns are at a major disadvantage.

Things can spill into the day, with one of you having to go do a full day’s work on no sleep, and the other one looking after the tiny sleep thief that kept you awake all night.

But you can make it through without killing one another by remembering one thing.

Night-time you, is not day time you.

Whatever is said in a rage in the middle of the night when you are trying to stop the mewling monster from waking up the whole street isn’t meant in malice.

You are both living in a fog, with a sleep pattern dictated by a tiny version of yourself that seems to wake up in three-hour intervals.

Elijah was a good sleeper from the get go, Harlow not so much.

But throughout 5 months of no sleep, we have remained on the same team (ish), but it is so hard in those first few months.

Nights seep into days, days into nights and you find yourself falling asleep at 8pm before Masterchef is on.

But there is hope, when those intervals get longer and suddenly you find yourself with a child going from 7-7 you will barely remember what you fought about in the first place.

Until then, get the coffee on.

(P.S before he gets shirty I do have to credit Greg for coming up with the idea for this post and one I just fleshed out).

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