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Best bags to accommodate twins and siblings

Tuesday, 15 May 2018  |  Admin

Best bags for Twins and Siblings


Having two little ones in nappies and having to carry around two sets of everything is a bit of a game changer when it comes to changing bags. You need plenty of space for clothes, bottles, food and clothing times two so it’s important to do you research to find out what will work best for you and your twins. There are so many changing bags to choose from and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming so below are my top picks of bags suitable for twins or those with a small age gap!


Backpack Style

The bonus to the backpack style is that they leave you hands free which is perfect when needing to run around after toddlers or carry two babies at the same time.


Skip Hop Greenwhich

This is a stylish choice and on my current lust list (trying to decide if my husband would divorce me for purchasing a fourth changing bag!). It is made from Vegan leather and comes in a range of colours including Black to Blush pink (my personal favourite). The bag includes two bottle pockets and a wide opening pocket which makes it much easier to find that rouge dummy or wet wipes in a hurry! It also has a separate front pocket for your phone and keys and a back pocket which you could use for clothing, so you are not short on storage.

RRP £99.99


Pacopod Hartland

Again, another beautiful bag and this one looks like a normal backpack handbag than a changing bag. The bag comes with two pods. One for changing and an insulated one for feeding as well as a changing mat which fits into the changer pod. The pods mean that you don’t have to carry your whole bag to baby change which must come in handy when there are two nappies to change. Another nice feature is that you can hang the Pods separately on the pushchair which will come in useful for dishing out snacks as you go along.  You also have the option of using it without the Pods as a large bag or handbag for those days out without babies! Footnote - this is a smaller than some but very lightweight !

RRP £89.00 - £210


Messenger style bags

In my experience messenger styles tend to be slightly bigger with more storage space and sit better on the stroller handle.


Storksak Sandy

This one looks more like a changing bag but don’t let that put you off as its still beautiful. It’s a large bag which comes with a food and bottle bag ideal for feeding twins on the go. It has pockets for nappies, wipes and creams. I love the special smart strap which allows you to attach blankets or jackets to the bag, great for days out with twins! It also has a long carry strap and attaches easily to the stroller. Finally, its wipe clean and water resistant which is always a bonus when travelling with kids!

RRP £115.00


Pacopod Portland

This Pacapod is bigger than the Hartland and includes two larger pods. The feeder pod can carry up to 4 bottles which is great for feeding twins on the go and there’s plenty of space for nappies, wipes and clothing in the changer pods. There are pockets to store purses, phones and toys for little ones. Again, the pods and bag all fit onto the stroller handle and the feeder pod comes with little backpack handles for toddlers to use which is a lovely touch. This bag also had an expansion zip which will come in handy as little ones get older and you have less to carry or when you are out and about just with one twin.

RRP £140