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Being a stay at home mum is hard

Friday, 17 March 2017  |  Admin


Being a stay at home parent is hard.


Being a stay at home Mum I already know I could never do. I've been on maternity leave twice now and both times I haven't taken the full year. With Noah I used just shy of 11 months, as I had a bit longer before he arrived and with Patrick I've used a mere nine. Obviously finances do come into play slightly, but what has always been harder for me, particularly first time around was the ability to feel happy being at home all day.

I think there is a quite muddled view of parents who stay at home, be that the mother or father that they're having the easy ride, it's so wrong and untrue. Being home looking after your smalls isn't all coffee dates and playing in the park, there are days where no friends are free, the rain wont stop pouring and you simply can't afford to go off on a shopping spree, in fact this happens more often than not. I admire and have so much respect for the parents that stay home - it is far from being easy.

When I am returning to work I am escaping the madness of the house, I get to leave my house tidy and return to it in the same state, I miss out on the toddler tantrums and baby meltdowns and I'm someone more than Mummy. Don't get me wrong I probably will miss lots of lovely moments too and for some being just Mum is more than enough, but that's not me. I guess this is a post to hand it to all the parents out there who care for their kids at home, well done, it isn't the easy route and you're doing well.