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Behind the Camera

Tuesday, 20 February 2018  |  Admin





A month ago Number One spent her long hoarded funds on a camera.


She has always loved taking photographs with mine, and was excited to own her own.

I knew she would love taking photographs with it and seeing what she produced. But I hadn’t expected to see the difference in her confidence.


Behind the camera she has a role, she is a photographer.


She can stand there without feeling self conscious, be in busy environments where she would otherwise struggle and exhibit a patience I didn’t know she had.


During the course of the last month her camera has rarely left her side. She has taught herself about its various modes, edited photos with precision, and stood for long periods of time in a bid to get the perfect photograph.


We have seen less anxiety about visiting new places and doing new things. And a definite reduction in meltdowns.


The camera has become her shield. A new way of coping in a world that she doesn’t always understand. It gives her a conversation point, a way of sharing what she has seen and a way of processing thoughts she doesn’t understand.


Many of her photographs are beautiful and you can really see the thought she has put into framing them. It’s a hobby that could have been made for her, and I’m proud of her for embracing it so fully.


And perhaps more than that so fearlessly.


Unlike mummy, who is always far too afraid to press a button she is unsure of the use of. Number One has no such qualms. She has her camera and it’s functions totally figured out and loves sharing her knowledge with me.


I have no idea whether her love of photography will last or whether it is just a passing phase but I am grateful for the pleasure it is giving her now.


Especially this year, with secondary school transition looming, I’m excited that she has found a way that helps her to combat stress and change.


So when  Christmas is looming on the horizon, maybe  Number One won't be the most difficult person on my list to buy for, I have a feeling accessories for her camera and a photography course will be on the agenda this year.


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