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Become a Yummy Mummy

Tuesday, 5 June 2018  |  Admin



Just found out you are expecting? Well the great news is we have something perfect for you. The Yummy Mummy card will get you 10% off everything for the next year AND free postage - so if you are thinking of for instance buying your changing bag from us then it is well worth the investment. For £15  you will not only get this but also access to a page of offers and gifts for your eyes only..... with at least 25% off all sorts of exciting things.

There's more ..... once you have become a Yummy Mummy on your 2nd VIP purchase you will also get a free gift - we send something that is appropriate to your needs at the time so please do tell us where you are with your pregnancy or  child rearing, so we can source the perfect gift for you. 

For all you frineds and grandparents that don't know what to buy for your expectant loved one - this will make a great gift. 

What happens next - order it through our website, we will then send you the card ASAP plus email you with a code in case you want to start shopping straight away. Everytime you are on our website just look at the top right navigation bar and you will see the VIP offers bar  ( NB this will not be visible unless you are logged in with you email address).

Happy Shopping ....

PS Yummy Daddy's also very welcome to buy and sorry we don't have a card that says that as well .... xxx