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Backpack changing bags pro's and cons

Thursday, 24 May 2018  | 


Having recently come back from the biggest Babyshow of the year at the NEC we realised how much over the last year our customers needs have changed! Everyone was talking about backpacks, however when questioned on why they wanted backpacks, we realised it was because they are ' in fashion' . In fact a lot of customers once we talked through the pro's and cons of a backpack changing bag, actually changed their minds and went for a messenger or handbag style bag. So we thought it may be helpful to walk you through how we talked out NEC customers through.

Firstly you need to ask yourself 

  • Why do I want a backpack changing bag? 

If the answer is clear and valid, like I want to be hands free as I have a toddler or I walk the dog then yes a backpack is maybe for you. However if the answer is still a little woolly and you can't quite remember what reason made you decide you want a backpack then read on! 

A backpack is handy there is no doubt if you need to be hands free, however if you don't and it is your first child then imagine this scenario. You are out with your pram walking along and suddenly your baby is sick - is it easier to stop and take your backpack off then find your wipes and muslin cloth, or is it easier to pop your hand into your changing bag backpack which is hanging neatly from it's stroller clips right in front of you?   Yes of course the latter.

  • How quickly can I find things in my backpack?

Well unless you have a PacaPod which is neatly packed, or a new Storksak Hero which has a shelf in it, then the chances are you probably will spend time looking for whatever you need at the bottom of your bag - is that fair? Add a screaming baby into the mix and suddenly your stress levels are pretty high. ( Storksak Hero below) 


  • Can I hang my backpack to the stroller? 

Yes you can with most of the brands we sell - however it will hang from the top, picture your backpack hanging from the top then picture a normal messenger style bag. Your backpack will hang low, it may even get in the way of your legs as you walk along - could be annoying, always test your new bag on your stroller before you commit. Lets face it even if you do have a toddler or a dog and you do need to be hands free, then there will always be times that you want to hang it on the pushchair and not carry that weight any longer. 

So we hope this advice was good!   And remember if you have any questions big or small then just ask the ' The baby changing experts' as that is what we do and what we love!



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