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baby's first birthday party

Tuesday, 9 October 2018  |  Admin

Etta’s 1st Birthday Party

Etta recently turned one and we had planned to throw her a little tea party a home. However, since Lincoln has been born our friend group has multiplied and the thought of 26 little ones running around my house was filling me with dread, so decided to throw her a proper Birthday party.

We started by looking at party venues such as soft plays and local farms etc, but a lot seemed to restrict numbers to 15-20 and they were all roughly priced at £10-£12 a head. We already knew would have between 25-30 children so decided to hire the village hall and a bouncy castle company. We had a large inflatable ball pit and a bouncy castle with a slide. All the kids loved it and Etta was surprisingly a big fan of the slide. One tip I would give is to do your research nice and early as these places book up quickly.

Obviously being a hall it was a blank canvas, so we had to purchase decorations. A week before we went into the Card Factory and ordered some balloons to collect the morning of her party. It was much quicker than standing in a queue waiting for them to be blown up and pretty good value for money. We decided on a floral theme but kept it very vague, mainly concentrating on colours, which made it easier to get cheaper bits of party wear. The plates, table cloths, serving trays, banners, balloons all came from different shops, but all matched in well.

For teas and coffees we bought disposable insulated cups with lids. It made it much safer for people to have hot drinks with the kids all running around and dancing. People also used the kitchen and made their own drinks, so I was able to spend some of the party chatting to guests and playing with Etta which was something I have missed out on when hosting at home! Food wise I kept it simple with sandwiches, crisps, sausage rolls, cakes, fruit and cheese. For the little babies I did a tray with the Organix and Ella’s kitchen snacks. I also did two jugs of sugar free squash which worked out much cheaper than fruit shoot type drinks. I did the food myself, but I know a lot of the supermarkets do party food you can order and collect at a pretty reasonable price!

Party bags took a lot of thinking about. I had children from 6 months to 6 years at the party and I didn’t want to do numerous party bags for each age group. So instead I ordered books from the Book People. They often do 10 books for £10 or cheaper. I then gave each child a slice of cake and some form of sweetie in a floral paper treat bag. Cake wise we didn’t hire a cake maker but instead bough a large iced cake from the supermarket which we cut up and put in the treat bags on the morning of the party. We bought a small unicorn cake for her to blow the candles out on and cut that up for any adults who wanted cake.

It was the first proper kids party I have thrown and I was really pleased with how it went. We’ve booked again for Lincoln next year so I’m glad Etta’s was the practice run as he will be far more difficult to please!