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Friday, 28 July 2017  |  Mummy and Little Me




I’m so passionate about my baby fitting into my life it’s untrue, Little C has been out with us for meals in non Wacky Warehouse type restaurants since she was about 3 weeks old, I am yet to turn my front room into a soft play centre and I am also yet to succumb to constant Peppa Pig. However - having a baby will undoubtedly change certain things about your daily activities, a massive one being the ability to get up and go out of the house with a moments notice! I was hugely aware of this during my pregnancy and was constantly saying to my husband - imagine when we cant just nip to the shops, to the cinemas, to the club etc and so decided I was going to schedule in a few getaways before I popped in order to make the most of this time when I could.


Dublin at 16 weeks!

This was a mini break with my husband, staying at the amazing Dean Hotel on Harcourt Street in the city centre - which I highly highly recommend for the rooftop restaurant, amazing breakfast in Sophie’s Diner and the immensely instagrammable neon signs dotted around the hotel. At this point my pregnancy was at that breezy stage of my jeans just being a little snug, so aside from avoiding Guinness as we toured the factory, and getting a bit more tired than usual after walking round the whole city - I was A- okay! Dublin is one of my favourite destinations and you should definitely visit it preggo or otherwise. Make sure to visit O’Donoghues on Suffolk Street!


Liverpool at 20 weeks!

This was a girls trip, 7 of my nearest and dearest boarded the train from Manchester Piccadilly for an overnight stay in the beautiful James Street Hotel - if you haven’t been then oh my goodness - have a look on their Facebook page and keep an eye out for their deals. We had a massive suite with a jacuzzi and it worked out about £15 each! We had such a good night feeling like the queens we are! As the preggo one I got a massive double bed all for myself! Again at 20 weeks aside from having a lemonade whilst my friends were all downing daiquiris, I was able to savour the time with my girls without too many pregnancy woes niggling at me! If you’re around Liverpool make sure you go to Smugglers Cove for dinner and drinks on the Docks and Yardbird in the city centre for some beautiful fried chicken!

New York for New Years Eve at 32 weeks

New York during the Christmas season is just a dream and there was nowhere else we wanted to spend our first New Years Eve as a married couple, however I did have some concerns as I seemed to have suddenly popped! 6 hours on the plane and of course the trekking around NYC whilst heavily pregnant did sound some alarm bells. This was such a special time for both of us and the excitement of being in our favourite city, with our baby too was crazy! The long days were tiring and once I sat down in the evening I was NOT getting up again ha! New York is do-able pregnant however I would recommend going a few weeks earlier than I did just so you can experience the whole city without a care! My top tip for NY is the Top of The Rock experience, heading to the top of the Rockefeller Centre where you can see the whole of New York, in my opinion, its better than visiting the Empire State as you get much more of a panoramic view of the Big Apple.


Make the most of being pregnant! As well as relaxing and preparing mentally for your new addition, enjoy adventures that may not be as simple once they arrive!



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