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Changing bags that looks like handbags

Friday, 23 December 2016  |  Admin


Having two children has meant a lot of things had to change, we gave up the spare room, we gave up the boot space to house pram wheels and I gave up a lovely Zara handbag. I assumed that when I had children I'd have to resort to a naff bag to chuck everything inside, you know like that free one you get when you sign up to Boots Parenting Club. I was so relieved that I did my research and found that actually, changing bags can be beautiful and after owning Storksak, Pacapod and Born in Britain bags, I can safely say they ARE beautiful. I have a love for a specific type of changing bag, a type I feel a lot of my fellow Mummies also have, the changing bag that looks like a 'normal' bag. I don't want to be identified by my bag as someone who is carrying soiled toddler underpants inside, (yes thanks son) I want the shock I get regularly when someone says 'Oh my goodness, it's a changing bag!?' That is what I strive for. So I thought I'd share with you some of my absolute favourites I've found and or owned.

1. Born in Britain Charlton Hobo - By far my favourite changing bag, it's so elegant and classy that pictures online don't do it justice, this is a bag you have to see in person. The main compartment is lined with lots of storage pockets, although if you like to carry a lot of things yourself, or like me have two boys, you can use solely the back zip pouch, for everything baby related. It's so roomy. There are two aspects that I love about this bag, aside from the absolutely divine dust blue insides. The changing mat is actually attached to the bag, genius and a simple idea that yet still so many changing bags don't have, it's great because it means I'm not rummaging around my bag to find it, it's there, in the same place every time, easily detachable by poppers. Secondly, is the lack of hundreds of front pockets - it's so rare I'll put anything in pockets that don't zip on the front of a bag, I'm all too aware anyone could dip their hand in whilst I'm dealing with a toddler tantrum. By avoiding the overload of pockets, the bag remains sleek and stylish making it my ultimate 'normal' changing bag.

2. Pacapod Mirano - Pacapod pride themselves on their organisational pods, which are so helpful to someone like me who, well, really isn't that organised. But I have two kids so come on, I have an excuse. Although I don't yet own a Mirano (It's on my radar) I have seen so many reviews and pictures, that I know it will be great for me. Following the same style as the Charlton, it has limited pockets on the outside of the bag, making it too sleek and sophisticated. It includes an across body strap so you can mix up the style, but of course it has those fantastic pods. One specifically for feeding, being insulated and another all kitted out for changing. We loved these so much when we used our Jura for Noah, they served so well when John went to change him, he didn't have to carry my whole bag and could just nip away with the nappy pod.

3. Storksak Caroline - The Storksak Caroline is phenomenal, a perfect bag for those with more than one child as I can't even begin to tell you how roomy it is. As soon as Patrick was born I whipped this back out of the cupboard and filled it with both boys things, I've never had to feel like I'm rummaging away trying to find bits as the whole interior is lined with compartments for bottles, wipes, nappies, you name it Storksak have thought of it. Although I wish their changing mat was a little bigger, it's super plush and comfortable, it also washes seriously well which is something I've yet to try with my Born in Britain. Will it meet the Storksak wash standard? The Caroline has really big handles which as a girl who likes a shoulder bag, I adored, it meant I didn't have to clip it to my pram, I could wear it with pride.

What changing bags have you loved or lusted over? Do you prefer something that looks more disguised, or happy to don a more obvious changing bag look?