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Autism and how small things can become large

Thursday, 19 January 2017  |  Admin

A Trip To London

This summer we went to London. It isn’t the ideal place to take Number One, in fact if I’m honest anywhere busy isn’t the ideal place to take Number One, but sometimes needs must and this was one of those occasions.

Number Two had been having a lot of issues with movement, especially with his left arm and we had been given the chance to attend a specialist Centre. Number One could have stayed at home with Grandma, but she was keen to come and if I’m honest the weeks preceding the visit had been so stressful that I was keen for us all to be together. So car piled high we set off, amid promises of the Holiday Inn by Express breakfast (Number One’s favourite) and a trip to Platform 9 ¾ (Harry Potter is Number One’s favourite thing in the world).

Both were things we knew would be the saving graces of a trip which was bound on all counts to be challenging. And challenges there most certainly were. Number One decided instantly she did not like escalators. Or lifts. Or people. The day very quickly turned into a battleground. She was stressed. We were stressed. It was not a good combination. As always though (and admittedly this is hard to remember in the throws of a meltdown) things did get better. By the end of the week, Number One proclaimed she actually quite liked escalators now. She tried new foods, both Peruvian and Vietnamese and was excited about doing so. She thoroughly enjoyed her Holiday Inn breakfast (they have the best sausages in the world apparently), and the trip to platform 9 ¾ was as had been expected an unqualified success.

In other highlights was a trip to the British Museum, apparently seeing the mummies was the highlight of the trip; though anyone looking at the horror of her face on the way round might have thought otherwise! And of course Covent Garden. Number one loves the theatre and performance of any kind, so ever since she was a little girl Covent Garden has been a big favourite. And although, he doesn’t often feature in this series, in this particular blog Number Two really should get a mention. His therapy went amazingly well, and he came home much more mobile than he had gone, much to all of your joy – especially of course his adoring big sister. (If you would like to follow our story more regularly we’d love you to check out our blog at )  

(If you would like to follow our story more regularly we’d love you to check out our blog at )