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Autism and Childs Play

Thursday, 8 August 2019  |  Admin

A Second Chance At Childhood

As a young child the Bear never played. In fact despite having a room packed full of toys, each one more exciting than that next, it was rare she went near any of them.

She organised, set things up, created patterns.

But creative play was something that at that time, she simply couldnít do.

Fast forward to now, and our house is once again filled with childrenís costumes and small world play - and the difference is staggering.

She is the play creator, her brother her follower.

Yet her games, unlike mine, come with a structure, a routine, a predictability which means that they are both able to enjoy the game. TV shows are emulated and films are copied. Situations are staged and toys are organised.

But together they have created a way to play, a way to enjoy each other, a way to interact.

The Bear has been given a second chance to experience so much of what she missed out on as a younger child. And for that I am infinitely grateful.

You see, there is a mistaken belief that children with Autism cannot play creatively.

And my experience as both a mum and a teacher couldnít be further from the truth. Children with Autism can and do play creatively.

Not always. And sometimes not consistently. But it is within their capabilities.

And for some it can bring joy.

That I can seen with my own eyes. In my own house.

Two children playing a game. Nothing More and nothing less.

Except I waited over ten years to see something most parents see in two.

I waited all that time. And let me tell you something, I donít regret a single second of that wait.

Because that wait makes every moment I sit and watch all the sweeter.

When I watch not just one but two of my children defying the odds, excelling even where common thought is that they should fail.

Because together they are invincible. Unstoppable. Incredible.

Together they can do anything.

And I. I am honoured to be their mum.