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Autism and Birthdays

Friday, 13 January 2017  |  Admin

The Birthday Party

Despite my fears the birthday party was an unqualified success. There was not one meltdown, not even a hint of a meltdown – well not from Number One anyway – during the whole day.

The girls arrived, they played, they laughed they joked around. I looked at all four of them sitting on Number One’s bed having fun together, and I won’t deny that there was a tear in my eye. This was a day I wondered if I would ever see, but it was a day I did see, a day that neither she or anyone else will ever realize the importance of – at least to me.

We headed out and the girls ran around together and played, they chose food from the menu. Number One was far from being the fussiest eater at the table – further evidence of just how far she’s come over the last couple of years. Then they came home and ate pizza, watched films and generally made a lot of noise.

That evening her best friend stayed over, they went to bed, they talked…. All was calm. Until 2 a.m. when I had a tiny knock on the bedroom door. A friend in tears. A meltdown of a different kind.

This time it was Number One’s turn to be strong, to hug her friend, to hold her hand. Number One’s turn to be ‘grown up, to say it would be ok. Number One’s turn to accept that this time her friend needed her mummy, needed to go home. If I’d had time to think about it to predict the even, I’d have been worried. I’d have expected simultaneous meltdowns from them both.

But I would have been wrong. Totally wrong. Number One had it covered. I was so proud of her. It was a day I thought I would never see. A day I thought she would never manage. An ending that had I expected it, I would have dreaded. It just goes to show that sometimes we as parents worry a little too much, sometimes our children are far more together than we give them credit for…

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