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Are you scrutinizing your childs' milestones

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My daughter is an only child and she is the first grandchild on both sides of our families, maybe we do scrutinize each aspect of her life too closely?

We wait in anticipation for the next milestone. I think that if I have another child I won't be watching so closely and that I will be more relaxed about everything. My husband's cousin welcomed a child a few days after us and it will be lovely for them to grow up together, but with the close age gap came the comparisons. This a very natural thing to do and I'm sure that we all do it as we can't help it, its nature. Nothing negative was ever said on either side but when he started to walk before the age of one I couldn't help but think why isn't my daughter walking yet?

I go to a few baby groups and I made a great friend whose son is a couple of days younger than my daughter so we would attend groups together and still do. He also walked before the age of one. Around that age my daughter had just started to crawl I don't even think that she was standing up and cruising yet?

As time went on, I won't lie I was starting to feel worried. I would attend this particular group and all these children her age would be running rings around her and she would just be sat there. At 12 months she had her review with the health visitor who actually stopped by at 11 months (just the way the dates lined up). She was a little concerned that my daughter wasn't standing up unaided so she arranged to come back in 1 months time. Of course everything was fine as a lot happens developmentally in 1 month at that age but she still wasn't walking. I did speak to a different health visitor who I've known since my daughter was born and she said that they don't start to worry until the child isn't walking by the age of 18-24 months. My daughter did finally start to walk at 16 months old and now she is just as fast as her friends.

Before she was a little overweight (I don't know if this played a part in walking late?) but now that she is running around she has lost the excess weight thanks to the exercise. The point that I want to get across with this post is don't take milestones too seriously. If you are a first time mum and the only one at a baby group whose child isn't walking yet don't worry! step away from reading that baby centre milestone email that has just popped up in your inbox, someone has to be last and that's ok. They all get to the same place in the end. She can now join in running circles around us all and if I'm honest I'm glad that she didn't walk earlier as toddlerhood has definitely taken on a more difficult twist.

A lot of people tell me that she is better at talking than some other kids so I think that is what she was doing all that time just listening and taking it all in. If I have another child I will definitely be more chilled out. It isn't a contest who walks first, who potty trains first? Each child will do it when they are ready and if you are genuinely worried that your child might be behind then just mention it to your health visitor and they will look into it. It's nothing bad or anything to be ashamed of.

Did you worry about any of your child's milestones? - Jodie x

Tuesday, 21 June 2016  |  10:05

Jodie my son walked at 11 months but number 2 was 19 months - but to be honest I hardly noticed as she is number 2 - great blog and so true don't get hung up!