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Are you having an April Baby?

Tuesday, 19 March 2019  |  Admin


If you are heavily pregnant and your baby is due in April here are lots of fun facts to keep you amused. April is an amazing month to have a baby. Send us a picture of your newborn and tag us in   #aprilbaby and we will  send you a little something to say thanks!

  1. Let's start the scientific stuff - April babies are natural born leaders, yes ok they maybe a little stubborn but it's this utter strong determination that gets them to the top. 
  2. An April  baby will  (as well as a March / May ) will be natural optimists as they rank high on the hyperthymic scale
  3. A n April baby will be either an Aries or Taurus, they are known for being fiery and passionate and super determind.
  4. It is a fact that April babies tend to be more athletic than other months.
  5. The flower for  April is the sweat pea, this signifies blissful pleasure which could explain the hedonists among you! 
  6.  The Gemstone for April is the diamond, as the most  valuable of all the birthstones it is meant to represent abundance, strength and power.  Aries folks tend to me more emotional than others and very much in tune with their feelings as well as others. 
  7. Your April baby will have no set career path, they are equally as good at all careers and not singles out like the March babies. 
  8. Famous April babies include Thomas Jefferson ( April13th) and Leonardo Da Vinci
  9.  April 15th)
  10. April is believed to be taken from the Latin word Aperire which means to open. April is the month when everything blossoms and open and new life appears where you did not expect - April babies are open loving human beings. Research indicates that April babies are warm and loving. 


We hope you are super excited now you have read this !  If you have anything to add to it or want to send us a picture of your #Aprilbaby then please just tag us in.