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Are you having a March Baby?

Tuesday, 19 February 2019  |  Admin


If you are heavily pregnant and your baby is due in March here are lots of fun facts to keep you amused. March looks like an amazing month to have a baby to us - We would love to see a picture of your newborn so if you tag us in  #marchbaby and send us a picture we will send  you a little something to say thanks!

  1. Let's start the scientific stuff - research indicates that babies born in March are more likely to climb the cooperate ladder than any other month!  In fact they are more likely to be CEO's than any other month as well. 
  2. A March baby will  ( as well as an April / May ) will be natural optimists as they rank high on the hyperthymic scale
  3. A March baby will be either a Pisces or an Aries, they are known for being fiery and passionate and super determind.
  4. It is a fact that March babies tend to be taller than others, this is because Mother's are exposed to more sunlight in March. 
  5. The flower for  March is a daffodil, this gorgeous flower represents rebirth, spring is on it's way..
  6.  The Gemstone for March is the stunning Aquamarine, it has a rich colour and is a symbol of health and hope. It's mesmerizing colours change from pale blue to deep blue which is reminiscent of the sea. 
  7. Your new little March Baby has a greater chance than other months of becoming a musician or a pilot - great for those who love music and travel.
  8. March babies are affectionate and charismatic in nature, they are also described as the most romantic - Honest and reliable are two other wonderful virtues, they are often described as living in their own worlds as they would prefer to evade the pain and suffering of others. 
  9. More boys  than girls are born in March 
  10. Generous in nature, March babies are super popular as they are so very generous in their nature and this is why they are so popular! 

We hope you are super excited now you have read this !  If you have anything to add to it or want to send us a picture of your #Marchbaby then please just tag us in.