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Are you a Yummy Mummy?

Friday, 20 October 2017  |  Admin

If you are choosing your baby changing bag then here are lots of reasons why a gorgeous Yummy Mummy may suit you! 

The Godfather of changing bags this company have been bringing out award winning changing bags out for 10 years - why are they so popular? 

The Yummy Mummy is the best selling Pink Lining  changing bag, they are pretty and practical and will get lots of tongues wagging when you take it to your NCT class .... or even to the local garage. Back in 2009 when one of the Directors here took hers with her to get her tyres changed the chap behind the counter looked at it and saud ' Yummy Mummy, that you are... ' Well that made her day! 

So for the practical reasons - they have a compartment for everything so even your favorite pen has a special place, your phone also and your purse - and the even more important - Nappies wipes and changing mat also.  

Key features here

  • 2 x Insulated bottle holders
  • 2 x Nappy pockets
  • Padded changing mat and wet zip bag
  • key fob
  • Mirror
  • Phone pocket
  • Pen holder
  • Long shoulder strap 

But apart from that - we know from experience they last and last ( they have a guarantee anyway) . They are big enough for two babies at once  ( we have tried this )  and they will also bring a smile to your face everytime you pick it up. 




What about my husband I hear you ask - ok well some husbands don't give a monkeys, it's their kids changing bag so what's the problem - others do and we get that so we have created a whole section called bags for Dad's. No it doesn't mean you have to buy a second bag what we would recommend is a Melobaby wallet, it's stylish manly and is only £38.00 - it's a great back up for Grandparents and your car as well. They basically have a gorgeous soft fleece mat and loads of space for nappies and cream... perfect.