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Are you a Stay at home Mum?

Tuesday, 18 April 2017  |  Admin

I have always had a job since being 15 so when I gave up work to be a SAHM ( stay at home Mum)  it was both amazing and scary. After nearly 3 years of being a SAHM I am ready to get back out there and get back to work I would love to get a part-time job for my own sanity not just the money.

I have worked in retail for about 13 years, I've been a manager and been in charge of other staff, I have handled large amounts of money, done staff rotas, been a key holder etc etc I can count the days I've phoned in sick on one hand but now that I'm looking to get back into work I'm finding it very difficult to say the least. It seems that every job these days wants you to be 'flexible' argh, I have come to hate that word. If you don't have any other family members to rely on for childcare how can you be flexible? I would love to be flexible but I don't think nurseries allow you do that. I recently had an interview so I phoned around all my local nurseries and most of them were completely full only a couple had a few set days to spare so how am I supposed to get a flexible job around that.

The hardest thing is jobs not having set rotas so your days off change every week, again not good if your child is in nursery because you always pay for your days ahead - say that I pay for Mondays and then next week my day off is Monday and I want to change her day in to Tuesday, tough. You have already paid for the Monday and if you don't use it tough you don't get your money back and you then have to pay for the Tuesday too. Say I got a job and they phoned me to come in short notice because someone had phoned in sick and I phone the nursery to see if I can drop her in, they could say no that they are full and can't take an extra child because it would mess up their child/teacher ratio so even though I want to be flexible I feel that it's up to the nursery to see if I can be or not.

Nurseries aren't cheap so if you are working part-time for only a couple of hundred pounds profit per month you can't keep paying for extra days childcare as you will be working for nothing so thats why working mums need a set rota. I also have lots of other worries such as being discriminated against for being over 25 as the minimum wage to hire me costs more. The nursery that I want to send my daughter is part of a school so the latest they are in is 3.10 in the afternoon so what am I supposed to do if both me and my husband won't get home from work until 6pm? I really just feel that everything is against me so I would love to know how everyone else makes it work? We don't have Grandparents to rely on, My MIL will be able to mind her sometimes but she doesn't have set days off work and my husband works all day Mon-Fri. I would love a part-time job with the hours 10-2 on a set rota but do these jobs exist?. Needless to say I have a new-found respect for working mum's as it is so much harder than I thought.

Please tell me how you all make it work, whats the secret? - Jodie x