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Are you a Mother Tucker?

Tuesday, 14 June 2016  |  Admin

Belly Bandit have taken the USA by storm and especially the celebrity market - ever wondered how these gorgeous pop stars remain looking amazing after having a baby?  Well here we have the secret .... yes truly we do - I know it's hard to believe but we know that Belly Bandit products work for a few different reasons.

  • Customers buy a band then come back for other items, such as the leggings
  • Husbands have told us how amazing their wives looks
  • Customers themselves have emailed in to tell us

So we don't need anymore convincing and have now taken the whole range on ...... 


What product do you need ? 

Lets concentrate on post natal mummy's -If you have just had a baby and are itching to get back into your pre-pregnancy jeans. We have a great choice of items - but the ones we wanted to talk about today are the 'Mother Tucker' Range .... yes what a great name! Although I won't deny I'm paranoid as I write this great name about a  spelling mistake ... that would not go down well.

So apart from the Belly Bands we also have Mother Tucker Corsett, this wardrobe essential is comfortable enough to hide under your clothes, it has very soft boning in which will ensure that it does not ride up under your clothes. With a 6 hook adjustment go down a row or two and step into your new body.


Or if you want your legs to look great then try the mother tucker Leggings - the Ultimate compression leggings, Give your behind the boost up it may need! This non surgical shape and support will make your tummy and your thighs look amazing. Available in Black they come in Small / Medium and Large.


Or we have mother Tucker Nursing Tank Top - again the ultimate compression Tank Top offering amazing underwire free support and slide over cups for discreet nursing.  Tame your muffin top and battle your back bulge!  It also has a 3 inch anti roll bottom tummy flattening centre - when worn consistently this top should also improve your posture and reduce postpartum stretch marks by supporting loose skin.