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Are routines possible with 3?

Thursday, 30 August 2018  |  Admin



Routine? Who am I kidding. However, I am hoping that I've timed things fairly well with my due date being 7th November (not accounting for prematurity), in that Harry will be back at school every day and Oscar starts pre-school every afternoon from September. This should in theory give me time to feed the baby, walk the dog and possibly do a load of washing - that last part could be optimistic - between lunchtime, pre-school drop-off and pick-up. Of course, this won't work at all; the baby will either be feeding for three hours like his brothers did, or be asleep in the wrong place at the wrong time so I won't be able to take the dog out, and then the boys will complain when we have to walk her after school. And I really don't fancy that - it's bad enough with just Oscar.


Mornings should be slightly easier, providing I can feed the baby, take Harry to school, get Oscar and baby ready, and walk the dog before Matthew goes to work just after 11am. Again, I get the impression I'm being optimistic. Obviously given that all my boys seem to have colic, the evenings will be a total write-off - to be honest they are anyway as Oscar STILL won't sleep for me - so I'm not expecting to get anything done. I think in the early stages, as long as all the children are fed with something resembling food, and everybody's clean, brushed their teeth and had some sleep, that's all that matters. I'm not even going to try to be Supermum, because nobody can be, so I think lowering my expectations is the only way forward.


Housework will have to wait, apart from washing which may have to be prioritised through necessity, and hopefully the bathrooms and kitchen will stay relatively clean... somehow. Fitting in the boys' swimming lessons will be interesting, but important because it's their thing - they both love it and they're good at it so I'm not sacrificing that. I hope to start the new baby swimming at just a few weeks too, just like his brothers, as it has been and continues to be invaluable.


In essence, there won't be much of a routine, particularly to start with, but that's okay because that's just how it is with a new baby. We'll find our way as we have with his brothers, and eventually things will start to settle down, but not before I've drunk in all the chaos, stress, fatigue, and happiness that is having a newborn.




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