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Anyone else planning their pre-natal maternity leave?

Monday, 3 June 2013  |  Mummy and Little Me

Phew this weather today has made me feel bit hot and bothered , not that im complaining the sunshine is long over due,
Thanks for all the hints and tips for my consultant appointment regarding my section , I've managed to get a list together of the questions that I want to ask and important things I need to know.
I've got my overnight bag off the wardrobe now, and just looked at it , ..... Its probably too early to start packing , but im.trying to get organised which seems to be proving impossible with zak and Charlie !!!
I've found a few things from my birth with Charlie which ill definately be taking, but I did only manage an over night stay ...... And from what I understand it could be a little longer if I have a section. So as it stands my bag is empty for a little while longer :)
I seem to be at a limbo stage now end of 17weeks heading for 18weeks , but no more community midwife appointments for a little while now as consultant appointments will start with scan on 24th June so me and the womb squatter are just plodding along ..... Growing bigger by the day.
Ive managed to start sorting out my maternity leave at work too , and with all my annual leave ill be leaving in September :) which is only around 16weeks away !!!!! Has anyone else started thinking about maternity leave yet ? And how much time off are you expecting to take ? Ive managed 7months off with both boys then returned to work 30hrs a week , im.hoping this time will be the same , however im going to see how we all manage together im.sure its going to be different having three children now :)
Well I hope you have a fabulous weekend ill be working but the end is in sight !!!! has anyone started shopping yet ?? I've seen a few items online id like , mainly for mummy !!!!! :)
Happy end of may !!!!
Sarah xx

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