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Anyone else just had a scan?

Monday, 20 May 2013  |  Admin

Well another busy week , im wondering if any of you have looked at your scans to determine the sex........i think we have decided that we will be asking if possible the sex of the baby on our scan in June , as not only am I getting incredibly excited but my eldest son is too !!! He has made his own name suggestions however I won't share them just yet :)We have started our baby name list but this might be put on hold till June.I'm finally in maternity clothes this week and im feeling alot more comfy at last !I've also got some over the bump pants which are great for support too !!!We are at midwife on Tuesday so hopefully we will get to hear the womb squatters heart beat !!!!<3<3<3<3Well exciting times are about to end as I start my weekend shifts so Back to swollen ankles , achy back and boobs and a rollercoaster of tiredness !!!

Have seen midwife today and my headaches And swollen feet , are more than likely due to me working long hours and not resting enough !!! My blood pressure is fine ,
We heard babys heart beat today at 152 bpm so all good :)
Not seeing community midwife again now until 24weeks ! So just hospital appointments to get through !!! Eeeeeekkkkkkk !!!!


TtfnSarah xx


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