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Anyone else feeling their first flutters

Sunday, 5 May 2013  |  Admin

Well has had a couple of awful days :( , my eldest son has just had a final diagnosis of autism , so myself and baby bump have been backwards and forwards to the hospital which itself has proven to be a tiring and stressful task , then low and behold I've been struck with the dreaded d&v sickness bug , which is not very glamour filled !!! And defo not yummy mummy criteria !!!! However managed to grab a cheeky haircut this week which cheered me up some what !!! Mummies need pampering !!!! So as I write this not feeling fabulous im hoping I head into week 14 feeling better !!!! And start this glowing feeling !!! Xx
Hope all the other mums or mums to be are feeling fab since its a sunny Saturday !!! Is Everyone over the sicky feeling now and are we feeling any flutters ???
Sarah :)

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