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Anyone else booked in for a C-section?

2 CommentsTuesday, 28 May 2013  |  Mummy and Little Me

Well nearly 17weeks now and I must admit im getting very , very excited , my scan has been booked for the 24th of June im under consultant led care and this pregnancy maybe be resulting in planned c section due to complications with the last two boys , resulting in surgery.
I've been told to research the pros and cons of this , but any hints , experiences or just suggestions maybe helpful . I'll just be happy to finally meet my womb squatter , its just getting over the initial shock of actually needing more medical intervention that previously :(
I've been feeling more flutters or bubble type feelings now which is lovely , even thou this is third baby its still a welcome feeling.
My poor trotters are still swollen , but they were able to fit into flip flops this bank holiday weekend , which was glorious, I've even managed to paint my toenails which im.sure won't be happening on a regular basis unless I find someone to do it for me when the bump is big !!! , however with my due date being November this means I can slob around in my ugg boots and not actually worry how my toenails are looking :) bonus for winter !!!!!
I'm still feeling tired and my hormones are all over the place , sobbing at the soaps , and crying into my kobo , this rollercoaster of emotions must be driving my other half bonkers ........ Ha but im worth it ,
Well I hope you all have been shopping on mummyand littleme this bank holiday and checking out the offers , im defo swaying towards the beautiful pink lining changing bags ..........and will be purchasing some other little bits for myself and the womb squatter .
Well since its half term , mummy duties are calling so will blog again asap !!!
Please remember to comment if you have any thoughts on a c section :)
Me being in the medical profession isn't helping this time !!!!
Sarah xxx,

Tuesday, 28 May 2013  |  17:40

I had a planned c-section after a terrible first birth which resulted in an emergency c-section. The strangest thing is going in with no pains,feeling normal and then walking into the operating theatre. A few hours later you are not able to walk or move but you have a beautiful baby in your arms. Having a planned is so different from an emergency one, much more relaxed. But having the epidural is the worst feeling, especially as they couldn't get the needle properly into my back-owwwww!!! Good luck with it though, I am sure all will go very well :-)

Julie Woods
Tuesday, 28 May 2013  |  18:12

I had an emergency C Section and my auntie had both an emergency and a planned one, she said the two are very different, the planned C Section is very calm and controlled and quite peaceful, so dont worry at all! My only advice is to make sure you go for lots of gentle walks after surgery as this helps the healing process, have lots of lavender baths to help heal the scar. Get some really big pants so that they come over your scar. Also make sure you eat lots of fibre afterwards to help you go easily or even better get some Fibre Gel in, its brilliant! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and good luck in November xxxx

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