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Thursday, 2 May 2013  |  Mummy and Little Me

well my interview went fairly well and i settled on an empire line black dress with black maternity tights so that both myself and the womb squatter were comfortable for at least the morning ....... well as comfy as you can be when you need a pee every 15minutes !!!!!!!!!argh see they tell you to drink drink drink to keep you and baby hydrated but you then must realise you have to negotiate pee breaks into everything that you do !!! is anyone else feeling the need to hunt for a toilet in every establishment .......
my skin is hopefully getting a bit brighter but I'm in no terms glowing , which seems to be the buzz word in most pregnancy magazines , well I'm heading into week number 13 still feeling tired but trying my hardest to eat lots of energy foods , and not just pick off the plates of my children but when your so tired why is it that half eaten fish fingers and spagetti hoops taste like gormet foods ???????
now according to all the baby info , the womb squatter (my little cherub ) is around 7cm long at my stage , so not even as big as a kitkat ........ yet manages to zap all my energy and makes me want to take magic micro sleeps when I'm desperately trying to stay awake and make conversation with my super star other half stu. Now stu has been fairly amazing putting up with my moods and bizarre food requests even running to the chip shop before it closes because i just needed chips and curry sauce at 11pm at night ??? :)
well tomorrows smile is defo going to be sponsored by my new bra , I've just tried it on and must admit it made my sore heavy boobs feel amazing , it fits fabulous , so ladies give the team at mummy and little me a bell and get a phone fitting for the bravado bra its super and was an amazing fit !!!!!!! even breast pads go inside , which I've had to use already grrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!
well I'm off to sort tea out , get boys ready for bed and grab a shower before its time for me and my love bubble to hit the hay !!!
has anyone else started to get swollen feet yet , i know 13 weeks is early but i suppose being on my feet all day isn't helping ???
Sarah xx

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