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aden and anais discount code

Thursday, 28 March 2019  |  Admin


Looking for a discount code for aden + anais? Here you go!   Code 'First' will give you a whopping 15% off your favorite brand! Just pop it in the voucher box when you check out. 


aden and anais is special

What is so special about aden + anais?

Aden + anais have been one of our most successful brands for many years now! Shall we tell you why .... they were the first brand to really get the idea of swaddling back in the main ring again. They created the most beautiful swaddles with various designs ranging from one the little ones will love to ones you will also love.. so whether you want the nursery to be cute or elegant you will find something that will suit you.


Where the journey began ... In the Jungle! ( Jam)

Jungle Jam Muslins

They started with the timeless and ultra popular jungle jam, when Prince George was born and came out of hospital wrapped in the birdie swaddle, we were the only retailers in the country selling them in singles and  the sales went crazy overnight. We woke to hundreds of orders of the single birdie swaddle which at the time although fantastic was a little awkward as we had to sell the 3 others in the box to make it viable! We soon ran out of stock and luckily all the others were soon just as popular ... (what a relief).  The brand then seemed to suddenly climbed to heddy heights over night and became a huge success over here. 

You could not get more of a celebrity endorsement than that lets face it! 

Prince George and aden and anais


Tell us about swaddling... 

Swaddling has been proven to settle newborns down really well - they are so used to being all huddled up in Mum's tum that they love to be swaddled it makes them feel safe and secure. After a couple of months lots of little ones start to lash out and need more a sleeping bag, but those 8 weeks can last a long long time if they don't sleep - so our advice?  Get some swaddles ready - the great thing is they have lots of uses so are not a waste of money by any standards. Here's a quick guide on swaddling ....