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aden and anais changing mats - what a great investment

Monday, 14 November 2016  |  Admin


Aden & Anais Changing Mat Cover

Number Two is the poo monster. It’s true that in many ways he is a far far easier baby than Number One was, I mean for a start he sleeps. I mean, not all night or anything radical, but some of the time as might be expected for a thirteen week old baby. This is something that Number One didn’t do, she thought sleep was a waste of time. When it comes to mess though, Number Two has her beaten hands down.

Boy bits, were definitely something of a novelty to me when he was born, and within a week, he’d pooed and weed over pretty much everything he owned. In fact, on one particularly memorable occasion he managed to simultaneously poo on the other half who was changing his nappy from the bottom end, whilst weeing on me doing entertaining duty at the top end.

I was therefore more than a little nervous when we were given the Aden & Anais changing mat cover, I was sure that beautiful as it was within one use it would be ruined. Red wine doesn’t have anything on baby poo when it comes to staining.

I needn’t have worried; two weeks on and it still looks like new. It’s bright brilliant white is still there. Its washability is truly excellent, with poo coming out on a thirty degree wash with non-bio washing liquid. What’s more although it’s beautifully snuggly soft it dries within an hour on the washing line; meaning that even after a poonami expolsion you can have it back up and running in your nursery within next to no time.

What I love most about it though, is that unlike the towelling cover I previously had for your changing mat, this one doesn’t restrict Number Two’s movement. He can scuttle on his back from one end to the other end in a matter of seconds, yet still have the comfort of not being on a plastic surface. What’s more is that when the inevitable happens and he decides to wee all over the place the cover means it’s much less likely to reach the carpet; which would be far more difficult to wash.

So if you’re looking to jazz up a boring changing mat with a cover to match your theme, these are well worth considering. They are amazingly soft, don’t restrict movement, fit over any standard sized changing mat and wash wonderfully. What more could you want?