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aden + anais brings us Disney magic

Friday, 1 July 2016  |  Admin

When we saw aden + anais disney 6 months ago we knew it would sell - like all the other aden + anais products it's main selling points are that it is the softest layers of muslin that you could eve lay your hands on. This results in it becoming the most popular item of comfort in the house - so if someone is poorly, the aden and anais blanket is what they get drapped over them. If we are going on holiday the swaddles come with us... This is a family with almost grown up children finding uses for them - if you still have little ones then watch this video - you will see all the many uses. 

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So back to Disney - there are 3 theme's 

Bambi, Jungle Book and Winnie the Pooh ....

In the Bambi, Jungle Book and Winnie the pooh range range you can buy the 4 pack of swaddles, see above for all the things apart from swaddling you can use them for. The Dream blanket Bambi is so pretty and has two different sides to it - so sof. Whereas the 100 acre wood blanket is full of delight you could spend hours with your children spotting' Eeyores gloomy place which is rather soggy and sad' or maybe the 'piknik place' - it is an absolute delight and makes a great unisex blanket - the Jungle book range does not have any blankets. Or  you can of course buy the 3 pack of Musy's in all three designs these are  great for wiping up mess, comforters and a general must in your changing bag! Lastly Burby bibs, these are a great shape and round little ones neck are very comfortable so they wont be trying to take them off all the time - on top of that you can pop them over your shoulder as they are a kidney shape so great for burping your baby. 

As these Disney are limited edition we would advise you order soon - the orders for this range are almost as out of control as when Kate Middleton was spotted with a wrapped up Prince George in the jungle jam range.....

Lastly did we mention it is SUPER CUTE!! 


Jungle Book 

Winnie the Pooh