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aden + anais and Disney joins forces

Wednesday, 8 June 2016  |  Admin



When we first saw the Aden + Anais Disney products are eyes lit up like Christmas Trees - we instinctively knew that our customers would love these two amazing brands in one. We have always been big fans of aden starting with the jungle jam swaddles 7 years ago , then when Kate Middleton wrapped young Prince George in one ( the birdie jungle jam to be precise)  at 3 days old our sales went through the roof that night.  So when we saw Disney all over these gorgeously soft muslin we were smitten straight away. They have brought out 3 stories - Jungle book (above) great timing as the film is also out - we have the giant muslins and the musy ( a smaller version of that) then of course some bibs -  Then the old favorite Winnie the Pooh - this set also has a Dream Blanket as well - yes it's big enough for adults - it is DIVINE, we love it! Then last but by no means least we have Bambi, look below how cute is that? Although Bambi did make me cry all those years ago it still somehow evokes some happy memories.

Plus at the time of writing this blog June16 we are also giving away some free bibs with every order over £30 on aden. - just use code 'burby'