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aden + anais 10th Anniversary limited edtion

Thursday, 4 August 2016  |  Admin




Whenever Aden + anais bring out something new we always get a little bit excited - aden + anais seem to have a knack for hitting the nail on the head when it comes to baby essentials. We first started stocking aden + anais 8 years ago and it trickled out, back then we really only sold the swaddles and musy's the brand was new and small and we were the first retailers in the UK to get them on board - quickly followed by john Lewis who always like to keep a beedy eye on what the great Mummy & Little Me are up to ( joke!) . Of course things quickly picked up 3 years ago when Kate Middleton was seen with young Prince George wrapped up in it at 3 days old. That night sales went through the roof and we came in the next morning having not seen this footage wondering what on earth was going on .....

So three years on and we have expanded our range no end and sell everything aden - we love the brand, we love the quality and we know when we get a limited edition arriving that sales will go through the roof. The Zebra range which has come out for their 10th Year Anniversary is as always gorgeous - they have brought out a Zebra Dream Blanket - and a two pack swaddle. Anyone that has ever read anything we write about the Dream Blankets will know that all the staff ( with and without children) all have these gorgeous blankets - perfect for babies, children and grown ups ( for a nap if time permits) . Of course the swaddles have no end of uses - ranging from covering yourself up when you are nursing, changing the baby on , keeping clean, using as a summer blanket. Even when the kids are nearly grown up you will find they come in handy - apart from picnics, batman, beach towels etc can always decant the wine in 20 years :)