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A Timeless and Classic baby changing bag

Tuesday, 12 April 2016  | 




The Storksak Elizabeth has always been our favourite leather changing bag, over the years it has proved itself as an elegant, timeless and a wonderful classic leather baby changing bag that no one has been able to rival.

Mummy & Little Me have always sold a lot of these gorgeous bags - strangely an uncanny amount seem to go to G.P.s - If any of you are reading this blog, please tell us -  Do you put your stethoscope in after you have taken the nappies out?  And use it as a normal handbag -   We would love to know why Doctors in particular find them such a great bag...

Anyway we digressed .... 

For those of you just starting to look for a bag it's daunting - there are so many out there, and your perfect bag will waiting for you but you need to work out what sort of bag will suit you !

Ask yourself:-

What is my budget?

Will my husband be happy carrying it?

Does it need to go with my clothes or buggy ? 

What sort of size do I need?

Will I happy carrying it in 3 years time?  

This last question is very apt when it comes to the Liz ( excuse our slang) because this classic bag, you could never look at and think ... ' I'm so bored of this bag ' It doesn't scream babies - we think that is one of the keys to this being so successful. Storksak are the leaders in non mummy ish types of baby changing bags, yes ok there are others on the market now but Storksak got there first ... they worked out that some of you had to go back to work either part or full time and needed something you could take anywhere with you ...And this my friends is it! 

Did we also mention that this bag is the lightest leather changing bag we have, it's not too big so you won't cram in things you don't need but it is plenty big enough for everything you do need ... plus in the future you can fit a laptop in it if you need to.  ( just saying!) 



Oh and before we forget ... it comes in Tan - above, which is a lovely tan,  the Elizabeth walnut ( we think it should be called Chocolate ) and of course Black .

 The Storksak Elizabeth is £199 and worth every penny.  



Don't forget - we are the baby changing bag experts, there isn't much the team here don't know about bags, so call us for a chat - we will help you pick a bag that we think suits your needs - 01522 684153 between 10 - 4 Monday to Friday. 


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