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A Rush of energy at last from Sarah

Tuesday, 7 May 2013  |  Mummy and Little Me

Well today has been extremely productive , following a cheeky brew and cake with my bud and babies after the school run , I've had a massive whoosh of energy and washed and hung out 3lines of washing , done some ironing and tidied round !! Maybe this energy is going to send me buzzing into trimester number 2 ??? Well hopefully because the tiredness isn't or dare I say wasn't fun !!! I've also had the results of my nt test which has come back at low risk of downs syndrome , im not actually sure why we had the test with the scan , because myself and Stu hadn't ever discussed the what ifs ??? .
Well since baby number 2 ( Charlie) and baby number 3 ( womb squatter ) won't have a huge gap between them , I've slowly come round to the idea that we will require a double buggy , so we've been checking out what's available and around and sadly what's in our price range , i think we've made our mind up now but as usual this is subject to change .............
Well im starting to lose this fear now and starting to feel quite excited that in November I'll have another baby , another face to snuggle and another part of our future to plan ......
Think i might get those baby Magazines out again , .........
Sarah xx

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