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A Review of the PacaPod Jasper

Wednesday, 2 May 2018  |  Admin

Because Mummy deserves a treat too: my review of the Pacapod Jasper


When I was pregnant, one of the things I became obsessive about was changing bags. I knew it would go everywhere with me and I associated it with being a ‘symbol’ of the kind of mum I wanted to be: practical, stylish, and ready for anything. This all sounds super cheesy, but when you are the size of a whale and sofa-bound, you have time on your hands to think about these things and research!


And research I did… hours trawling websites reading reviews and looking at pictures. There were so many to choose from: pretty flowery and kitsch things, massive luggage-style ones, and then quite plain and boring ones. What annoyed me was quite a few people had been given the bags to try and keep, which obviously tends to sway their judgment somewhat. This review is not one of those: I paid my hard-earned cash for the bag I am reviewing and bought it about two years ago!


I eventually settled on a Pacapod brand because I liked the fact it had sections and little ‘pods’ that meant you could keep things organised, and when you were out you could just take what you needed, instead of lugging the entire changing bag to the baby change or emptying everything out to find a bib. Plus hubby liked to take the pods out and put them in his slightly geeky Star Wars backpack whilst I still had a handbag that didn’t look like a changing bag – bonus!


Pacapod do do a wide variety of styles, but I chose probably one of the most expensive: the timeless Jasper in chesnut leather. I figured it was an investment because it was leather and therefore would last me longer, and, to be honest, it just looked lush and would go with everything! Those who know me will testify I am often in tan boots or tan sandals (depending on the season) so this was the obvious choice.


When it arrived, I was like the cliché child at Christmas; I was so excited. It came in its own duster bag (fancy) and I got a free Aden & Anais giant muslin with it, which I use as a light blanket for Izzy in the summer – bonus! Hubby took the mickey a bit as it cost more than my Michael Kors bag (it actually did…) but when he saw how practical it was and how happy and confident it made me, he soon admitted it was a good buy. I had no end of compliments too – so much so that our friends (who are now expecting) are going to get one.


My only grumble with the Pacapod would be that I wished the shoulder strap (it has a carry handle too) was a little bit wider, but that’s only a minor niggle and personal choice.  If you want a timeless, stylish and practical leather changing bag, I recommend the Pacapod Jasper: it’s worth the investment.