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A Mother's New Year Resolutions

Friday, 26 January 2018  |  Mummy and Little Me


My Mum New Year’s Resolutions.



I have never really been one to make New Year promises, and if I did I most certainly did not keep them past my birthday in March. I know there are things I should be doing, cutting down on brie, drinking less gin and getting fit in preparation for the marathon I am running in September but hay, cheese is good, Gin is even better, and I have 8 months, right?

So, I have decided to instead make a few positive ‘mum’ resolutions instead to try and keep (try being the word.)

  1. To focus, during our ‘family’ time I am always so preoccupied with everything else. Social media, deadlines, the washing, what everyone else is doing I miss what is in front of me. Like Harlow and Elijah playing together, building Lego on the floor with hot chocolate or going for family walks.
  2. Take more photos, especially that have me in them as well. I tend to get self-conscious and will just take them of the boys, but I want to remember all of us together.
  3. Plan activities, and follow them through, with a 6-month-old, 3-year-old and PND in tow I have become flakier than a Cadbury’s factory, so I am determined to plan fun things to do that may just be getting out the house for an hour, and to do them.
  4. To take time for myself on a regular basis, to recharge, to be calm, to just be balanced so I am calm and rational and not the raging barking person I seem to be now some days.
  5. To be grateful, I find myself comparing myself to others so much and what I do not have I don’t take stock of what I do. So, we have begun a gratitude jar to record down the things we have done that we have enjoyed and are grateful for to empty out and read at the end of the year. I am hoping it will help me gain some perspective.
  6. Take it slow, I spend every day listing the things that I have to do I become resentful when I do not get to do them. It may be because Elijah wants to play Fireman Sam again, the baby only wants to sleep on me or a hundred other reasons. I want to let go of the guilt of not achieving my very ambitious to do list and just let the day unwind to what it will be.

I am hoping my beginning to change my attitude slightly that it means I will be happier, more positive and ultimately begin to turn the tide on the war of PND and that this time next year I can say I achieved these and am better for it.

That’s if the marathon doesn’t finish me off first.

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