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A lovely letter to a nursery

Monday, 29 July 2019  |  Admin

A thank you letter to my son’s nursery

Today, with tears in my eyes we said goodbye to a place that has looked after our eldest child every week for five years. Today, we felt a change, a shift in the family dynamic we suddenly were no longer the parents of a preschooler, but instead with many settling in sessions and transitions days under his belt we were the parents of a school child. We walked out for the last time, feeling strange and bit lost that this is the last time we will be here until our youngest starts in a year or so. I don’t know if I can ever find the words to say thank you for what you have done for us as a family.

Not only have you provide impeccable care for our son, you also became part of the family, an integral part of our lives. We knew you so well, we were comfortable and after many years and we always had a long chat on drop off or pick up. It feels like it was yesterday we were being shown around and we knew instantly that we would be coming here. A new born E still awaiting surgery and a scared, over protective and fearful mother wondering if I could ever trust anyone enough to look after my medically complex child. I am not sure if you ever knew, but I had never left E with anyone before. The surgery date draw closer and I can remember the relief I felt calling you afterwards to tell you it had been a success, that we would be starting soon.

It was the first time I realized we were slightly different, and the start of the journey of being a heart mum. Medical meetings, briefings and information relating to E’s condition and having a knot in my stomach whether if it was going to be okay or not leaving him with someone else. It was however, and E settled in and adapted quicker than I did and over time watching him achieve so much made me realize I could leave him with someone else. You taught me it was okay to leave him, to let go and just be me for a few hours, eventually I went back to work and suddenly I felt as though I was getting myself back too. E went from strength to strength and soon we were celebrating his first birthday with you and our annual tradition of heart day.

I remember the panic of when E moved up when he was two wondering if he would get on as well as he did in the first room, but of course he did and suddenly there you guys were supporting us with potty training, getting rid of the dummy and a new pregnancy. You were there for us as a new family, and when E became a big brother he came in to tell everyone. You were also so involved with us as a family, taking an interest in us as well it felt as though you were extended members of the family. It always seemed as though school was so far off with E being September baby he was going to be with you for an extra year. It has been a tough year for us with E having some struggles with settling in, anxiety and struggling with changes to the room but you once again supported us every step of the way. You supported us when we went to the Doctor to talk through our concerns and helped us get the diagnosis of him being a Highly Sensitive Child. You listened to me, you understood and you got creative with ways of settling E back in for his final year. He came back out of his shell and enjoyed his last days of nursery thanks to you.

Whenever someone asks us if E having a stroke when he is younger has affected his development, I say no. I also tell them that I believe it is also down to you all he is where he is today. I cannot say thank you enough for being such a large part of E’s journey so far. It didn’t just feel like we were dropping him off at a standard nursery each week, it was more than that. E finished nearly two weeks ago now and we still cannot quite get our heads around the fact we are no longer dropping him off but instead ready to start our first every summer holidays! When we sat and watched E graduate in the ceremony, I don’t know if I have ever been as proud of E as I was then. To see how far he has come from joining you when he was just 9 months old and recovering from open heart surgery, to a 5 year old boy whose shot up like a weed, and ready for school. So ready. I cannot explain how ready is he and once again that is down to you all. He is more confident, he is happy, eager to learn and try new things and mix with children he doesn’t know, only a few months ago that would have been unheard off. I find myself watching him read a book, recognizing the letters or words, and I am taken a back about how much is has grown up. He grew up with you from that little chubby bald potato, I think we all learnt some very valuable lessons whilst he was under your care and some that have made me into the mother I am today.

This is a letter to you our son’s nursery, to thank you although I really don’t think those words have enough gravity to the gratitude I am trying to covey to you all. To each and every keyworker who has put up with me and never ever made me feel like I was being an inconvenience, and everyone who has supported us and E on his heart journey and for taking such good care of him for the last few years. Until next year when we start again with H joining you! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, you really did change our lives for the better and help shape E into a confident little boy whose ready to take on the next chapter; the school years.