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A letter from a Mother to a Father

Thursday, 11 January 2018  |  Mummy and Little Me

Dear Partner

Ten years, two kids it isn’t like it used to be is it?

Where we used to be going out every week, lazing about and watching films we now struggle to stay up past 10pm.

We used to have spontaneous sex, now we normally have one or two kids in the bed or are just too tired.

Our lay ins are a thing of the past and we argue to see who gets the afternoon nap with the baby.

Yearly sunny holidays are now replaced with formula, nappies and toddler snacks and a very sad looking bank account.

Cinema trips and night outs are now an annual occasion and planned months in advance and normally cancelled on the day.

I crave time with you where we do not talk about Fireman Sam or the colour of someone’s poo.

I used to love spending time with you wiling away an afternoon knowing we had nothing to get back to.

Now our days are dictated by two small human’s snack/meal/feed/changing/nap times.

We used to laugh, joke and be happy now we are snappy and resentful depending on who was up most of the night.

With one of us being annoyed with the other if they get to escape out.

It’s not to say we don’t laugh, we do, a lot that’s what we have and will always have.

Our bodies are not what they were, and the bags and lines around our eyes are blacker and deeper.

We communicate via memes on social media, and spend our nights on our phones not talking to each other.

We are tired, broke and stressed but I wouldn’t have it any other way, with anyone else.

I am glad I am doing this with you.

But, partner, I miss us.

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