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A dedication from Laura to her friends

Thursday, 29 March 2018  |  Admin


‘Thanks, girls’. 


The one thing I couldn’t do without as a mummy is the amazing group of friends I have gained. Tea (and cake) is a close second but my first blog for Mummy and Little Me is dedicated to my lovely mummy friends.


When I first found out I was pregnant, I eagerly started researching antenatal classes. NCT was my first port of call as I had heard about them from other people who had had children. I managed to find a group nearby, signed us up, and waited to start the classes.


The classes were OK – no free pens, though – but the main thing I got out of them was two of my loveliest friends. Since those classes, we have shared so many things and another lovely mummy has joined our little gang, however the most important things we have shared are our worries and ideas as we watch our babies grow into little people. I am so grateful to these lovely girls for their advice at any hour of the day, a listening ear when I’m feeling a bit low, and the constant laughs. We’re now looking forward to our first big holiday together – 4 mummies, 4 daddies, and 4 toddlers... apologies to anyone who is on our plane in May - bring some ear-plugs!


I also found some mummy friends in a place I didn’t expect to. Unusually, I chose to be induced (the main reason being my gestational diabetes, but I’ll cover that in another blog) and this turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. If I hadn’t have gone in on that day, I wouldn’t have met my other mummy friends: the ‘Bay 8’ girls. During the three days I spent in hospital, we shared so much and laughed until we cried (or our waters broke, in one case!). We’ve all kept in touch since and met up with our little ones, and again I’m really grateful to the girls for their advice and support and general loveliness in my first year and a bit of being a mum.


Now I appreciate this sounds like a bit of a ‘boasty’ post, but it’s not intended to be; this is me saying a big THANK YOU to the inspirational women who I have shared so much with. Unbeknownst to most, I was really lonely before becoming a mum as I had moved away from my home town for work and was struggling to make friends as I had changed jobs. I also don’t have my own mum, as she passed away when I was young. I also really struggled (and still do) with social anxiety, so the idea of being a first-time mum in a new(ish) city was quite daunting. These girls have made me feel more confident, got me through the tough times, and got me out and about with my little miss instead of isolating myself at home. Thank you girls - this all means the world to me and I am a better mum because of you.