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9 weeks to go before Vicki meets number 2

Thursday, 11 May 2017  |  Admin

9 weeks to go! #11 eggo to preggo

It seems in the blink of an eye we went from trying for a baby, to now being in the single digit countdown to when they will be here! This pregnancy has been so different to my first, and having a very energetic toddler in tow as well, has not been the easiest. I think I can honestly say I haven’t really enjoyed this pregnancy as much as my first. Maybe, as I am so distracted by Elijah and physically I haven’t felt as well either.

Or it may just be I haven’t really had the time just to sit and appreciate it all as much. However, with just 9 weeks to go (if an early appearance is not on the cards) I have come up with my 9 things I have learnt the second-time round.

1. You will still be as astounded as the first time when you begin to morph into the size of a semi-detached house. More so, the second time round as I began to show a lot more, a lot quicker. And yes, you will be as uncomfortable, but still manage balance a small 2-year-old boy precariously on your bump as well.

2. Having a toddler along for the ride, you will begin to learn how to power through, but there will come a time your body gives up and you should listen to it. Something I am not very good at. In fact, in this pregnancy I have been atrocious at it. I found my body told me I was doing too much in subtle ways and I had to then take note, and tag Greg in.

3. I have finally learnt to ask for help from others, and I am still trying not to feel as guilty about it.

4. You won’t be as actively aware of the small changes with the baby’s week by week development. I have no idea what vegetable size we are or how much the baby weighs. It is a miracle that I have remembered how many weeks I am! It is not because you care any less, it is because you do not have the time or the attention span to really focus on this second-time round. Especially potty training a toddler too.

5. I got organised a lot quicker. I wanted Elijah to get used to all the baby things being around the house for as long as possible before the baby arrives. So, he doesn’t associate all change when the baby comes home. The good thing is you know what you need this time round too. Remember the panic buying half of Mothercare with the first? You will quite happily dust of that Moses Basket and Crib from the shed for round two.

6. You do anything for an easy life, let a friend keep track of your baby list of things you have seen online, let Nan help with sorting the baby clothes, get Dad to rearrange the house for the 100th time, and bring someone in for the inevitable deep clean of the house.

7. You do relax a little bit more, but you will still never feel fear like you do being pregnant. Any twinge, Braxton Hix, brown spot, will have you Googling like a mad woman until you go see the midwife/ Dr/ Sonographer.

8. Sleep deprivation is not such a surprise, my body is there right now. Getting up to pee 20 times a night to pee, or with a toddler wanting me to pass his drink which is 1cm from him, or the cat wanting to go out have me all walking around like a zombie. Oh, and the little ol’ thing of growing a whole human and all.

9. Although you did it the first-time round, birth will still terrify you, I am now in the deer in the headlight phase knowing I will have to give birth to this baby soon. I have done it once, and watched more One Born Every Minute than is entirely healthy and still I worry about how this baby is coming out of me.

I only have 5 shifts left at work before I start my Mat Leave, and a, booked in for a hypnobirthing class soon too. Things are now, very real and very close. I am also hankering for a GIN like nothing else! It seems so surreal that in just a few weeks, we will have brought home another member of the family. However, there may be a few issues if this baby turns out to be a boy as Elijah has his heart set on a baby sister!

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