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8 things you will need postpartum

Wednesday, 23 August 2017  |  Admin

Postpartum is undoubtedly the hardest and least prepared for part of pregnancy and motherhood. When you're pregnant, you can visit antenatal classes giving you all the tips and tricks on how to cope in the last stages of pregnancy and then a plethora of tricks on how to navigate through childbirth. But where is everyone with their advice when you've pushed out the baby, well here I am, telling you the top ten things that you're going to need post baby.


1. Some really, really, REALLY, large pants. Whether baby vacated down below, or through the sunroof, things are going to be sore and bleeding postpartum is like no other period you've ever experienced. Stock up on big pants because you're going to need them for the 


2. Giant sanitary pads. Now a lot of people use maternity pads, which I did after my first son. But they don't stick very well and are generally really bulky. So, a little trick is to layer. I used a maternity pad and then popped a general 'night time' sanitary towel at the back, it stopped any leakages when I sat down because who wants that on glowing white hospital bedding?


3. Freezer meals. Stock up on all things easy in the food department. Accept offers of food from friends and family and generally just cook in batches leading up to birth and freeze your favourites. Nobody wants to have to worry about what to cook when you're sleep deprived and hazy. And I promise you pizza gets a bit boring after the first week.


4. A pre-warned family. That first week after childbirth is an absolute whirlwind of adjustment, sleepiness and generally not having a clue what day it is. If you've only gone to sleep at 3am and been up twice since, the last thing you're going to need is Aunty Joan 'popping in for a cuppa' at 9am. Send out a sweetened up, pre-warning to family and friends that if they want to visit, to give you a quick text so YOU can arrange a time. 


5. Your food shop ordered. I was fortunate with both boys I was induced so I knew exactly when they were arriving, it meant that I could prepare in advance and after Patrick was released from NICU, we arrived home and no less than two hours later a whole batch of fresh food arrived in the form of Tescos. Tired me thanked previous me for being so organised. No stressed out supermarket trip for us.


6. A long hot bath. Nothing felt as great as my first deep, scalding hot bath post baby. I know it's not for everyone if you've had a section, but to be able to chuck my other half the baby (not literally) and dive into the bubbles for just ten minutes peace was absolute bliss. Especially as I didn't have a super heavy bump to heave out afterwards.


7. Arnica tablets. I swore by these after having Patrick because as ridiculous as it sounds, after I'd had a good sleep post birth I felt truly back to myself within hours. Arnica helps you heal from the inside as we daren't even think about the damage in there do we? After pains are a definite thing with subsequent children and these clever little pills helped take that pain away.


8. Photos, lots and lots of photos. You wont feel like it, and you'll probably be incredibly annoyed at your other half at the time, but in years to come you'll look past the unwashed hair and the horrendous eye bags, take so many photos because they will be all you have.