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5 ways to support a new Mum of two

Thursday, 26 April 2018  |  Admin


5 ways to support a new mum of two.



Becoming a first-time mum was overwhelming to say the least, then when you bring home baby number two you are playing by a whole new set of rules.

A few weeks in, I didn’t realise how crazy life with two kids under four was.

I found myself feeling guilty for not helping my other mum friends after they had their second children.

I also found that they were my secret saviours swooping in and just doing what needed to be done without me ever asking them.

Because the ting is you cannot describe to someone what having two (or more!) children is really like until you are knee deep into Paw Patrol binges, dirty nappies and washing that has been in the machine for 3 days straight.

So, here are 5 things everyone can do to help a new mum of two that saved my sanity in the early days;

  1. Pre-cooked meals, I will never forget the lovely friend who had brought us sausage casserole on the day we came home with Elijah. During my pregnancy with Harlow I had begun to cook more than needed and freeze meals in preparation and doing this and dropping some off, so you don’t need to worry about getting off the sofa and cooking a whole new meal that night is a lifesaver.
  2. Taking the older child out for the day. Poor Elijah began to get cabin fever in the very early days which were spent with me getting to grip with feeding or being so tired I couldn’t get up. We had some great family and friends who took Elijah out for the day where he got the attention he needed, and I got a break (sort of).
  3. Washing. Take a large bag and despite the protests from mum grab a load of washing and take it back with you. Or help and do some while your there. I couldn’t keep up with it and it was only when my Nan began to take it on that I realised how stressed I was getting from never keeping up with it all!
  4. Take the baby and let her nap. An hour will change you. It was Steph Douglas from Steph Don’t Buy Her Flowers who said ‘naps save lives’, boy is she right.
  5. Don’t announce your intentions just do, the last thing a new mum needs is, the guilt of her not doing enough, or what she should be. I found the ones who swooped in started doing the things I never realised I needed were my guardian angels.

Also, be on hand with the coffee and cake.

 And it if she gets a non-sleeper, gin.

Lots of gin.