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5 tips for shopping with the kids at Christmas

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5 Tips for Christmas Shopping with Kids.

I love Christmas shopping, it's something I get super excited about and begin from October (September shhh!) however with two little ones now under my wing it has definitely proved more difficult than ever before - understandably. The toddler actually proving probably the most uncooperative, as P is generally good for a few hours as long as his bottom is clean and his tummy is full. All of that being said, I've learnt a few handy tips I thought I'd share with you, so hopefully your shopping this year can be as stress-free as possible.

1. Baby wear. If you are a parent of 2 or more, I strongly suggest doing this, especially if you are brave enough to go solo because it just frees your hands up that little bit more. P will often go in the sling so my hands can stay safely grasped to Noahs, particularly as shops get busier. It also means the pushchair can stay home and I'm not trying to ram rade it through the crowds.

2. Bring a granny. This is not a joke, my Nan is a trooper with little ones, she'll happily take P for a spin in his pushchair if he's getting restless or sit and feed him if he's hungry because sometimes she needs a little sit down too. It works well and we all get to spend a little time together.

3. Late nights. Take advantage of your local late night shopping, I'll be working it so that John can get home that bit earlier to have the boys and I can shoot off. It will be vital for me to get most of Johns things and I'm certain he'll do the same one evening. Most places begin their weekly late night shopping mid-November so keep your eye out.

4. Warn them. No I don't mean threaten your children, but just pre-warn those little ones who are have some understanding, that the shops are busy, they must hold Mummys hand etc. I also find it handy to let smaller children know that if they see toys etc they want 'We'll write that on your list for Santa', or if they're playing up the good old 'Santas watching' (No I haven't been using that since Feb)

5. Bribes. Okay if all else is failing, don't hesitate to buy them a little treat if they've behaved, or more likely, if they haven't behaved buy them a treat to coax them into being better and then when they're not - give it them anyway as it's 5 minutes peace.

Do you have any tips for shopping this festive period with little ones?

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Mummy and Little Me
Friday, 11 November 2016  |  15:13

Our tip would be ... shop on the internet :)

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